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About Stanford's Education Program for Gifted Youth (EPGY)

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  • Innovative
  • Engaging
  • Proven
  • Personalized

EPGY is an ongoing research project at Stanford University dedicated to developing computer-based multimedia courses in Mathematics, Physics, English, Computer Programming and other subjects. EPGY makes these privately available to students of high ability, and offers courses suitable for students of all ability levels through schools. EPGY endeavors to:

  • Provide students with high quality, research-based courses regardless of where they live.
  • Do so without requiring them to leave their normal school environment.
  • Personalize instruction and accommodate individual differences in student learning.
  • Allow students to progress at their own paces and to accelerate their education.

Development of the EPGY solution continues with an expanded service scheduled to be presented to the public in the Spring of 2014. Led by Redbird Advanced Learning, the next generation of EPGY will build upon the distinguished legacy of EPGY and will be guided by continuing Stanford research. Redbird, a Silicon Valley-based enterprise, is part of Rocket Group, a company with a rich history in diverse educational offerings aiming to improve the lives of students through technology, research and innovation. This new set of EPGY offerings will feature enhanced learning technologies while preserving the principles that made EPGY an international model of accelerated learning. Stanford will be transitioning the EPGY program to Redbird Advanced Learning through Summer 2014, when expanded digital courseware and services will be made available to EPGY clients. We look forward ot sharing more with you in the months ahead. In the meantime, please feel free to contact us with feedback, questions or concerns.

For more information about the Next Generation of EPGY at GiftedandTalented.com, visit our Parent Update.


The award winning EPGY course software grows out of over 40 years of active research in computer-based education at Stanford University. EPGY courses have received numerous awards and wide recognition for its pioneering efforts in e-learning and include:

  • Advanced Learning Technology
  • Instructional Support
  • Technical Support
  • Real Results

Superior Curriculum and Technology

EPGY courses contain world-class curriculum and instructional technology developed at Stanford UniversityEPGY courses use a combination of multimedia instruction and automated assessment of student work to provide a highly-individualized, self-paced educational experience. Content is differentiated and appropriate for varying levels of student achievement, ensuring that all students remain fully engaged during the learning process.  Students who readily master a skill move quickly to the next concept, while those with gaps in their prerequisite knowledge receive specific instruction designed to address these shortcomings. The result is instructional software that accelerates learning and enhances student achievement

Instructor Guided Courses

EPGY Instructor Guided Courses include instructional support from experienced teachers intimately familiar with Gifted and Talented education. They employ state-of-the-art tools to establish quality relationships, assist students with their studies, answer questions and provide the critical interaction that supports life-long learning.

School Programs

EPGY School Programs provide dedicated Program Managers for every deployment. These professionals leverage years of experience in blended learning to ensure the efficacy of EPGY solutions.

Making Digital Education Easy

Our dedicated staff of experts is ready to help resolve any technical issue you might encounter. From browser configuration to security settings, we have you covered. To optimize the student experience, we believe the technology must fade into the background. Our professional Technical Support team is here to help make that a reality for all of our users.

Research Based Results

With a rich, 25-year history, the EPGY program has been under constant analysis. We continually review student performance and we adjust EPGY courses and curriculum to deliver optimal results. Independent research confirms the efficacy of our programs in demonstrating accelerated learning across a spectrum of student populations.

Learn more about the research here.

Our Students

Nearly 10,000 academically-talented students enroll in the EPGY Instructor Guided courses each year. Many of these students are able to work at an academic level well beyond their grade level with instruction provided by an EPGY Instructor. EPGY also provides university-level courses for those K12 students who are ready to begin higher-level curriculum while still enrolled in high school..

EPGY Open Enrollment courses are used by more than 400 parent groups associated with over 250 school districts in the US and Canada. Approximately 3,000 students per year enroll in the EPGY Open Enrollment program.

Additionally, EPGY School Programs provide implementation services and K-12 courses suitable for students of all ability levels in over 50 school districts throughout the US. Large-scale implementations include Shelby County Schools (Shelby County, TN), San Francisco Unified School District (San Francisco, CA), Fayette County Schools (Somerville, TN), Union School District (Los Gatos, CA) and Tuba City Unified School District (Tuba City, AZ).

Internationally, EPGY Affiliates serve an additional 2,000 students associated with more than 100 schools in Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, and South Korea.

Since it's inception, EPGY has served more than 950,000 students and their families while supporting the proud tradition of research established by Stanford University.

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