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Passionate About Education? Make a Difference.

From working directly with students in classrooms and residences to assisting program logistics behind the scenes, we need your help to operate our unforgettable academic programs.
Support Pre-Collegiate Students
Mentor a global group of brilliant, motivated young people as they grow as scholars and engaged global citizens.
Inspire Young Scholars
Share your intellectual passions with students eager to explore new interests and dive deep into your field.
Campus and International Opportunities
Teach on the beautiful Stanford campus or fly to our collaborating organizations abroad.
Help Plan Our Summers
Support the technical and logistical needs of housing thousands of students on campus, from food delivery to transportation and more.

Jobs at Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies

Residential & Operations Positions

Want to engage directly with students and mentor their academic and personal growth? From tutoring students to behind the scenes operations, these residential and operations positions help our summer programs run smoothly. Most of our summer positions are residential.

Instructional & Academic Support Positions

Want to be an instructor or otherwise support students in the classroom? We are looking for graduate students, postdocs, advanced degree holders, lecturers, or other professionals to teach courses. Undergraduates and recent grads may apply to be teaching assistants.

Want to be a part of the team all year round?

Check out Stanford Careers for more information about employment possibilities by searching "Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies."

Annually, We Employ Staff to Fill:


Residential Positions


Instructor Positions


Operations and Teaching Support Positions

Hear From Our Employees


Our Residential Staff work to support the academic and emotional needs of our summer program participants. This life-changing teaching and mentorship opportunity entices many staff members to return year after year.

The residential staff fostered an inclusive environment. Their caring nature shined through in every circumstance, and whenever I had any issues, I felt comfortable going to them for help.

Stanford Pre-Collegiate Summer Institutes Participant

Program Dates

Stanford Pre-Collegiate Summer Institutes
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2019 dates will be announced soon.
Stanford Summer Humanities Institute
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2019 dates will be announced soon.
Stanford Summer Arts Institute
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2019 dates will be announced soon.
Stanford AI4ALL
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2019 dates will be announced soon.
Stanford Medical Youth Science Program (SMYSP)
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2019 dates will be announced soon.
Stanford University Mathematics Camp (SUMaC)
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2019 dates will be announced soon.
Stanford Pre-Collegiate International Institutes
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2019 dates will be announced soon.

General Questions

What are the training dates?
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2019 dates will be announced soon.
I submitted an application online. What happens now?
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Once an application is submitted, it will be reviewed by the hiring committee and notification of your application status will typically be sent within two weeks. As we hire summer staff on a rolling basis, the number of remaining open positions is always changing which in turn can affect our response time. Should you be selected to advance to the next stage of our hiring process, a Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies staff member will contact you directly to set up an interview.
I do not live in the Stanford area. Do I need to do an in-person interview?
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Applicants who are not from the Stanford area are advised that an in-person interview is preferred; however, for those unable to travel to Stanford, interviews may be conducted via Skype. Note that Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies is unable to pay for travel expenses associated with the interview process.
What should I wear to my interview?
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Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies style is business casual. Formal attire is not necessary, so no ties or suits are required. Workout clothes, sweats, and hats are not encouraged.
Am I eligible to work for Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies?
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All Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies staff must be eligible to work in the United States from the first day of required training to the last day of the program for which you are hired. It is your responsibility to know what documents are necessary and to obtain proper employment authorization prior to your start date.

Keep in mind that student visas expire upon graduation, so if you are attending Stanford on a student visa, and you are graduating in June 2018 or earlier, you will need an OPT or some other work authorization for summer employment with Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies. Please note that the OPT processing time is approximately three months, so it is important that you plan well in advance. If you are a non-Stanford student on a student visa, your student visa may not be sufficient for employment at Stanford and you will require an OPT or other work authorization.

If you are a postdoc interested in an instructional position, consult with your supervisor as to whether you are able to teach for Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies. Any postdoc or regular Stanford staff member will require approval from their supervisors to accept a summer teaching position with Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies; casual employees such as lecturers may also need approval. Contact Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies Human Resources at spcshumanresources@stanford.edu if you have additional questions.

Residential and Operations Staff Candidate Questions

Is there an application deadline?
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We encourage applicants to submit applications for summer employment by our priority deadline for positions of interest, which will be announced by December 1 and will occur in Winter 2019. However, we encourage all applicants to apply as soon as they are able. We will review applications before and after the priority deadline.

Applications for each position will be accepted until all openings for that position have been filled. Once filled, we will make a note on that position’s page on this employment website.
What does the interview process for residential staff involve?
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For most residential staff positions (Residential Counselors, Activities Coordinators, Operations Coordinators, Fleet Specialists, Food Specialists, Technology Specialists), the interview process has two stages. The first is a group interview, which lasts about an hour and a half, sometimes longer for larger groups. During the group interview, there will be a mix of individual questions and a team activity. The goal of the group interview is to get to know the candidates, as well as to provide more information about the programs and positions.

Candidates selected from the first interview will be invited to an individual 30-minute follow-up interview to discuss interests and background so as to determine the best program and position fit.

Interviews for the Head Counselor position will begin once the Residential Counselor hiring process is complete, and will draw from Residential Counselors who have already been hired.

For all other positions—Assistant Residential Director, Camp Nurse, International Institutes Program Manager, Operations Manager, Residential Director—interviews will be scheduled individually.
I participated in a Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies program in high school. Can I be considered for a residential position, even if I am not a Stanford student?
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All complete applications will receive full consideration.
I would love to be a staff member, but I also need to take a class this summer. Can I do both?
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No. All residential and operations staff positions are full-time positions with significant on-call duties. Therefore, residential staff may not hold other jobs, take classes, or conduct research while working for Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies.
I just graduated from high school and will attend college in the fall. Can I work as a Residential Counselor?
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No. All residential staff must have completed at least one year of college following the end of high school, in order to guide our participants through the collegiate-type experience.
How will I be paid for overtime?
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Non-exempt staff will receive overtime pay (1.5x pay rate) for an excess of 8 hours worked in one work day, 40 hours in one work week, or for the first 8 hours on the seventh consecutive work day. Double overtime pay (2x pay rate) will be received for an excess of 12 hours worked in one work day or for any hours over 8 on the seventh consecutive work day.

Instructor Candidate Questions

I am interested in an instructional position but do not have teaching experience. Should I apply?
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All complete applications will receive full consideration. Previous teaching experience is strongly preferred, but the lack of such experience does not necessarily preclude you from employment.
How are instructors selected?
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All candidates for instructional positions should submit an employment application for the current year. New candidates whose backgrounds and experience meet our needs and criteria will be invited to a 60-minute interview. Those selected to move to the next stage will be asked to submit a course proposal for the course they are interested in teaching. All proposals are reviewed on a rolling basis, so apply early for full consideration. If the course proposal is accepted and all references checks are successful, an offer may be extended, which is contingent on a satisfactory Live Scan background check.
I am interested in an instructional position but do not live in the Stanford area. Is housing provided for instructors?
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Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies is unable to provide housing for Instructors. Many arrange for sublets through Craigslist, supost.com, Airbnb, and other online posting services. Those who live in Oakland, Santa Cruz, or San Francisco often carpool to campus with other Instructors.