Set/Change Your Web Password

Schools should first login to their School Page, and change passwords under School Info.

For EPGY students, use one or the other of the forms below. New students should have received a "Student Number" via email even if they do not have an EPGYID for a course. If you have applied to EPGY more than a week ago, but do not have your student number, contact EPGY Administration. To set your web password for the first time, leave the "Old Password" field blank, and enter your chosen password into the two fields for "New Password". To change a password you have already set, enter the old password into the "Old Password" field, and enter your new password into the two fields for "New Password".

Selected passwords should be 5-8 alphanumeric characters in length.

Click "Set/Change" and your web password will be set/changed and an email confirming this will be sent to the email address EPGY has on file for you.

Using Student Number

Student Number:
Birth Date:  
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Old Web Password: (optional)
New Web Password:
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EPGY Course Identifier
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