Course Registration Deadlines

Self-Paced Courses

Mathematics, Physics, Music, Computer Science, EG20, Language Arts and Writing (LAW)

Self-Paced courses start on the first of each month. For example, if you wished to start M0WB on the 1st of June, you should submit your registration by the 22nd of May. If the registration is submitted after this date in May for that June 1st start, a late fee will be assessed. These courses are self-paced.

Quarterly English Writing Courses

Important Announcement:

As part of its ongoing efforts to challenge the best students with innovative, dynamic instruction the Expository Writing courses are being replaced by a new writing program that will be incorporated as part of the Stanford OHSx program.

The new program will begin in January 2014. To receive notification when applications for this program are available, please complete a student interest form.