Researchers test out a self-driving car as Stanford AI4ALL participants watch on.

Stanford AI4ALL

Although the summer 2020 Stanford AI4ALL cannot be held as a residential program due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our staff remains committed to providing an enriching experience for selected students from our applicant pool. To this end, we are pleased that the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab (SAIL) will be running the program online. To learn more about the summer 2020 program, please visit the SAIL website.

AI will change the world? Who will change AI?

Each summer, the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory opens its lab doors with an outreach summer program aimed at increasing the number of women in computer science, particularly in the field of AI research.

Stanford AI4ALL exposes young women interested in computer science to the field of Artificial Intelligence through faculty lectures, field trips, hands-on research projects, and mentorship from graduate students and industry professionals. Participants learn broadly about Artificial Intelligence topics and learn how to apply research for humanitarian goals and social good. 

Preference is given to underrepresented populations in computer science.

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