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Blended Learning Solutions for Schools

EPGY School Programs Designed for All Students

Districts and schools use EPGY courses to optimize student achievement through customized programs in mathematics and/or language arts designed to meet specific requirements from intervention to enrichment to acceleration. We provide different service levels based on the individual needs of your school.

Schools or districts may select an EPGY School Program for one or more purposes. Often, our courses are used as an intervention for students who are working below grade level and need extra help. The differentiated, self-paced nature of EPGY’s courses provides a good solution for students who need this additional support. In addition to short multi-media lectures on standards-aligned topics, an EPGY student will also receive immediate feedback on their responses to mathematical or language arts exercises. Supplementing the feedback is a system of hints and sample solutions that provide yet another method for students to learn both concepts and skills. 

Similarly, schools or districts also may select an EPGY School Program to provide enrichment and acceleration for their academically talented students. These students have the capability of working beyond grade level and EPGY provides a method for them accelerate academically while still remaining in their current class and elementary or middle school.  

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