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Self-paced Learning for Independent Study

Our Open Enrollment track allows students to take EPGY courses as independent, self-directed learning experiences. No application is required and students can take the K-7 Mathematics, Language Arts and Writing, and Beginning Algebra. View courses.

Who Can Enroll

Open enrollment is for students that work independently and enjoy self-paced learning – from home-schooled students to students seeking additional challenges beyond what their school curriculum provides.

Students can join a pre-existing group (where students in your community have already joined) or create a new group that other students may join.

How it Works

Because Open Enrollment courses are independent, self-directed classes, students are supported in their coursework by their parents who act as Instructors. The course software continually assesses student progress and provides reports and data to assist parents in quickly and easily identifying areas of challenge for their student.

Technical support for the courses is available primarily through the School Support Associate, who is trained by EPGY staff. Open Enrollment works most effectively when parents actively monitor their children’s coursework.

How to Enroll

Open Enrollment is available to any group or learning community (or individuals who create their own group) looking to improve student achievement.

Students may sign up at any time during the year for 10-month or 5-month enrollment periods. Both enrollment periods include all three courses offered through Open Enrollment, K-7 Mathematics, Beginning Algebra and Language Arts and Writing.

Download a flyer to share this opportunity with other students. Download the Spanish version of the flier here.